About Leila...

Leila is a mother to 4 lovely sons and 2 beautiful girls, one of whom is in heaven.

She has been a doula since 2014 and is a qualified massage therapist, hypnobirthing practitioner and formerly a volunteer NHS Peer Supporter for breast/chestfeeding parents.

She recently left London to live on the Isle of Wight in a house she struggles to keep tidy.

She also has 2 cats...

Leila is a Doula UK company director and Team Leader for the Leadership Committee. She is the Doula UK Rep for Isle of Wight.

As a new venture, she hosts LGBTQ+ social and business events for the local community.

In what little free time she has, she likes to watch Superhero movies, Vampire TV shows and long-running comedy shows. She also enjoys singing and dancing.