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Leila is a mother to 4 lovely sons and 2 beautiful girls, one of whom is in heaven.

She has been a doula since 2014 and is a qualified massage therapist, hypnobirthing practitioner and volunteer NHS Peer Supporter for breastfeeding mothers.

She is married and lives in London in a house she struggles to keep tidy.

She also has 2 cats...

Leila is a Doula UK company director and Head of Membership. She is the Doula UK Rep for South East London and the Chair of the Doula UK Diversity Panel


Phone 07875 328 470
Email sidebysidedoula@outlook.com

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* What's the difference between a recognised and a mentored doula?

Mentored doulas

A Mentored Doula has completed a Doula UK approved Preparation Course and is involved in Doula UK's Recognition Process. This means that they have a Mentor providing support and supervision within a framework for reflective practice until they has gained sufficient experience to become a Recognised Doula. A Mentored Doula's fees reflect their previous and current experience, their expenses and the going rate in their area.


Recognised doulas

A Recognised Doula has been evaluated by a Doula UK Doula Mentor at the end of the Recognition Process, as having sufficient experience to practise without on-going mentoring. Doula UK nevertheless continues to provide support for all its members.