The birth of my first son 4 years ago was completely out of my control and extremely traumatising. This time round I wanted to take things back into my control and hopefully have the birthing experience I wanted, so I decided to use Side By Side Doula to help me achieve this.  I could not be happier with the outcome. Having discussed my worries with Leila beforehand, she was very understanding and reassuring that there was plenty we could do to feel that decisions are made by me even if complications arose, and I found myself feeling more empowered as the time of birth approached.  Leila was such a great support during the birth experience. Even without me having to communicate much verbally (which I found hard to do most of the time), she was able to read me and my body language perfectly enabling me to just get on with the labour while she informed the midwife when I would be ready to do the things they wanted or when I needed her physical support etc.  I honestly could not have had the birth I did without her absolutely fantastic help. The end result was a non-complicated, unassisted natural water birth with a very happy mum and baby.  Thank you Leila for being there for one of the most magical points in my life and helping me achieve it.
Louise - Birth - October 2014

Leila was always positive, receptive and kind but also gave good suggestions and recommendations. She is a lovely calm but confident person and easy to trust. The fact that she is a trained massage therapist is a huge bonus and as a mum herself has a kindness and empathy which is very reassuring. It is the best money I’ve ever spent on anything. A postnatal doula makes those early days so much more enjoyable for everyone and giving a mother a chance to really recuperate and bond with her baby without feeling pushed into normal life is the most wonderful gift in the world.

It was lovely having Leila around for the birth of our baby, and subsequently. She was very easy to get on with, and felt on our wavelength. There was never any awkwardness or a sense of having an outsider around at such an intimate family time. She was very helpful at the time of the birth, she was a very reassuring presence. I am very thankful to her, and it has been lovely to know her.

Catrine & Graham - Birth & Postnatal  - May 2017