Website Terms of Use

By using the site, you consent to the following:

Cookies may be used to see where you came to my site from, which of my pages you visited, or if you have been here before. This information will not knowingly be shared with other organisations or individuals

Which types of your Data I will store

By initiating contact with me, I will usually receive your name, phone number and email address. If you use the Contact Me form, these are sent to my password protected email address. 

During the course of our contact, you might send me additional information like your birth preferences and home address. I will keep these emails securely for up to 7 years for insurance purposes.

If you complete a massage questionnaire, I will keep that form electronically for 7 years for insurance purposes.

I will destroy any paper records of our contact once our contract has come to an end. In the interim, they will be stored in a locked area.

How long I keep your Data

My insurance requires me to keep a record of my clients. I need to keep this information for 7 years. After which time I will delete the data, unless you have opted in to receive ongoing general communications from me.

What I use your Data for

My tax return mostly! I keep your first names in a spreadsheet that I use to record the dates that I work and the amount that I get paid.

I keep your phone numbers in my fingerprint access phone so that I can see who is calling me (in the middle of the night!) and so that I can check in with you from time to time to see how you and your baby are doing. If you would prefer for me to delete your number from my contacts, please let me know. I will not send marketing information to your phone number. I will not share you number without explicit consent from you to do so should you require the services of another birth professional.

I have your email address in my password protected email account. This is mostly to enable our communications over the time of our working together. Or to send you a link to something that we have talked about that I think you might find useful or interesting. Thanks to auto-complete technology I don't usually need to store your email address in my address book. I will not send you marketing emails unless you have selected the Subscribe option on the Contact Me page. 

Who I share your Data with

No one. Unless you ask me to. Or if there is a safeguarding concern